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We have extended our month-long vacation by a couple of days. We shall be posting articles the moment we return. We noticed that Google had updated the Page Ranks. New bloggers who have been waiting anxiously for this can check their blogs' Page Ranks. We have the PR checker link in our SEO Tools - Search Engine Optimization article.

The blog we created recently in Aug 2007, Blogger FAQ and Help, has also got its first Page Rank, a PR4. All our blogs are now ranked:-

Tips for New Bloggers - PR6
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Blogger FAQ and Help - PR4

Thanks to everyone for the support!

Sep 6, 2007

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Limits for Blogger Blogs

There are usage limits imposed by every free service, including Often, the limits are necessary for design purposes (e.g., how much space to cater for each form field), logistics (e.g., server space and speed) and financial considerations. Most of the answers on the amount of storage space, limitations on posts, etc. are found in Blogger Help. However, since we still receive queries on that, we thought we shall add a few more items to that list for the benefit of the new Bloggers. These limits apply to one Google account, and if you find yourself exceeding these limits, one solution would be to register for an additional Google account to enjoy the services.

1. Number of Blogs

There is no limit on the number of Blogger Blogs you can create with your Google account. If you are creating Google sites using Google Page Creator, you are allowed to have a maximum of 5 different sites.

2. Blog Address

This is the name inserted between http:// and The limit is 37 characters.

3. Blog Title

The Title can go up to 90 characters.

4. Blog Description

The Blog Description can have a maximum of 500 characters.

5. Profile

When you are at “Edit User Profile” page, you can add information about yourself under “About Me” and this has a maximum of 1,200 characters. For other fields like “Interests”, “Favorite Movies” and so on, each has a limit of 2,000 characters.

6. Number of Team Members

You can have as many team members, contributors or administrators as you would like. Add the authors under Settings -> Permissions.

7. Number of Posts

There is no limit to the number of Posts you can have in each Blog. All the posts (whether published or saved as drafts) will be in the Blogger account unless they are deleted. With or without the Archives Page Element in your Blog, the posts are still stored.

8. Size of Posts

There is no limit to the size of each post but as we shall see, there is a limit to the page size. Because of that, if you are posting the entire contents of your book, try to split it into chapters and have each chapter under a new post. Otherwise, you may find your very long post not displayed once it hits the page size limit.

9. Size of Pages

Each page has a size limit of 1MB. This is a rather large size and if your posts are short, you can display a few hundred posts on the main page. At the moment, under Settings -> Formatting, you can show up to 999 posts on a page. Should you encounter a 006 error message, you can set a smaller number of posts so that the page size limit will not be exceeded. As mentioned earlier, if your one post already exceeds the 1MB limit, there is little you can do except to split that article into separate posts.

10. Size of Pictures

As we had mentioned in Manage Blogger Image Storage Space, pictures and graphics that are uploaded onto our free Blogger Blogs are now stored in Picasa Web Albums and it assigns each Google account a storage capacity of 1GB. Since this stores the pictures of all our blogs under the one Google account, we would have to pay Google should we need more storage space. The alternative would be to create new blogs under different Google accounts. (Note that in Google Pages, the total size of pages and uploaded files cannot exceed 100MB.)

11. Size of Videos

Recently, Blogger introduced a new feature which allows you to upload videos in your posts. The upload is done through Google Video and there is no limit to the number of videos you can upload, nor is there a limit on the size or length of each video.

As Google also owns YouTube, you may like to know that there is a 100MB file size limit and a maximum 10-minute length limit for YouTube videos. Should Google Video merge with YouTube one day, their rules on usage may be aligned.

12. Amount of Bandwidth

While some service providers place a daily or monthly cap on the amount of data that can be transferred from their sites, Blogger does not appear to impose such bandwidth limits. There is no problem to you having a million visitors a day to your Blog. What you should be mindful of is the limit imposed by external providers. For example, if the Blog's background images are uploaded onto free image hosts, once the bandwidth limit imposed by these hosts is exceeded, the background images will not be loaded and visitors will see many empty spaces in your layout.

13. Number of Comments

There is no limit to the number of comments to the posts. They are saved in your account even if you choose to “Hide Comments” under the Settings -> Comments tab.

14. Number of AdSense Ads

Since you can insert Google AdSense Ads through the Blogger “Add a Page Element” function, for the sake of completeness, we should also state the current limits stipulated in AdSense rules. Each Blog page can display a maximum of:-

  • three AdSense for Content Ad units;
  • two AdSense for search boxes;
  • three Link units;
  • three Product Referral units

This means that even if you have configured AdSense Ads to appear after every post, on a page where there are ten posts, AdSense for Content Ads will automatically be shown in only three of them.

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BlogmasterPg said...

Hi, Vin, how are you? I think there is a mistake in your 'number of ad-sense ads for blogger page'; (or I have mistake about it..) Some months ago, when Ad-Sense not where still comes to Italy they answers to me with an e-mail in Italian (but they were americans..) around that argoment and I understand that there are : 3 ads for content (normal or link); 2 ads for referrals 1 for Google's products and one for others products; and 2 search engine 1 for your sites and 1 for web. Now, times is passed and I know that you are more infomed than me about it. Please, go to see my "Canzoni Italiane - Italian songs", where comes almost of my revenues; I'd like to have a your tip. Good bye from Italy and God bless you. PS: I read your last work around the 'FAQ": very good work, of course!

bizwhiz said...

Hi BlogmasterPg

I thought you had posted this to the wrong blog because I am not Vin. LOL. Anyway, if the info is from the AdSense website, it is probably correct. Users should always check the guidelines at the official site since any changes will be reflected in that site.

Anonymous said...

ur posts are reallu yseful.i would like to know how to incraese the snap size in blogs?eg: like in the blog

Nicholas Powiull said...


Your blog is very helpful indeed! I am extremely grateful for your assistance.

I notice you managed to change the icon next Navigational Tool Bar. I searched everywhere throughout your site, but I did not find a blog explaining how to put your own custom icon in the tool bar.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Jeff Luppino-Esposito said...

Everything you write is just straight up gold. Seriously, I have found myself on your site probably hundreds of times in the long strenuous process of setting up and constantly perfecting my blog. Thanks to you I was able to achieve so many of my goals with the site. Yeah, idk, I wasn't sure what post to write this on, but hopefully you get the message that I am extremely grateful for your work. Thanks a lot buddy.


Sapnininkas said...

Thanks. Very helpfull.

Sriganesh said...

I think there is a cap on total number of blogs an user can create. Now it it kept at 100.

Nicole said...


I need to ask you something, that I couldn´t resolve by myself. Sometimes I need to upload pdf files or something like that but I don't have an upload button in my blog? How comes? Is it something with my templates on Blogger? How can I manage it?

Many thanks

MamaMia said...

Hi! Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge!

I have a question. I tried the
table html code. It was great. My only problem was that there was a large gap in between the paragraph before the table and the table itself. I did not have any problems with the paragraph after the table.

What did I do wrong? How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help!