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Sep 28, 2007

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Change Font Size and Font Style

In some templates like the Minima template, you can easily change the font type, font color and font size of the Blog Header, Title and Description. However, there is no option under Template -> Fonts and Colors to change the font properties within the Sidebar to make the text different from the rest of the Blog contents. To change the font, you will have to modify the template and add the font properties into the relevant part of the CSS stylesheet.

Change Font Size and Font Style

CSS Font Properties

Take a look at this article on Links - Hover and Rollover Effects and zoom in on the section relating to fonts. You can see the various font properties that can be used for text within the template. These include:-


Insert Font Properties into Template

To have the CSS font declaration in the Sidebar, go to Template -> Edit HTML. Scroll down the template to this selector and insert the font properties and values.

.sidebar {
font-size: 70%;

In some templates, instead of .sidebar, you may see #sidebar or #side or variations of that. What you can do is to insert the font code and Preview the template. If the sidebar fonts are changed accordingly, you know you have inserted the code at the correct position.

Try out other properties if you need to, such as making the font bold or in a different font face.

If you want to change the text in the main Post body only, add the style here:-

.post {
font-size: 70%;

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Missladybug said...

Hello, your blog is so helpful for me. I have a question that I cannot find the answer to. I want to change the font style of the titles of my sidebars and don't know how to do so. I want to use a different font than is available from the Blogger list of fonts. How do I get this different font saved on my computer to be the font on my blog? Thanks...

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

I have learned so much from your blog. I was hopelessly ignorant before I found it. One thing I would like to do is change the font style of the title in my header. The font that I want is not one in the Blogger list. I can't find any explicit instructions for how to do this. Can you help?

Shyam said...

Can you help me to remove the overlapping effect from the post titles when the post title are long.

My blog:

Anonymous said...

hello!can i change the font style of my blog title to my own customized font?

Ryan said...

i love you for this tip! seriously!

Heeere's J-dude: said...

I too would like to know how to use other fonts from my computer.....blogger has boring fonts. Is it possible?

Your tips are tops! Thanks for all your hard work to keep us bloggers happy!

You are my American Idols!

[DFC]Dordz said...

i have i question is this the only available fonts you can choose?

Anonymous said...

Wow your blog is really wonderful. Thank you so much for all the help. I have used your information to make my blog. Check it out:

kp1832000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lady Chuckles said...

Thank you!

I'm going to try that to see if I can manage to increase the font-size of my blog a little. The text is too small the way it is now :)

Jonathan Labelle said...

Same problem here, I want to change the font of my title to a different one, not from Blogger list... Can you help?